What Percentage Of The U.S. Adult Population Has A College Or Post-college Education (as Of 2015)?

What percentage of the US adult population has a college or post college education as of 2012 )?

What percentage of the U.S. adult population has a college or post-college education (as of 2012)? 31 percent.

What percentage of the US adult population has a college or post college education as of 2018 )?

Just over a third of American adults have a four-year college degree, the highest level ever measured by the U.S. Census Bureau. In a report released Monday, the Census Bureau said 33.4 percent of Americans 25 or older said they had completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.

What percent of American adults are college educated?

Nearly 94 million, or 42%, of Americans ages 25 and over have a college degree of some type. White Americans make up the overwhelming majority of degree-holders.

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What percentage of college students actually graduate?

The official four-year graduation rate for students attending public colleges and universities is 33.3%. The six-year rate is 57.6%. At private colleges and universities, the four-year graduation rate is 52.8%, and 65.4% earn a degree in six years.

How many Americans graduated from 2020?

About 4,001,000 college students are expected to graduate in the 2020 to 2021 school year. About 983,000 associate’s degrees are expected to be awarded from colleges and universities. 1,998,000 bachelor’s degrees are expected to be awarded in the U.S. 833,000 students are expected to earn a master’s degree.

What is the education level of the average American?

94% of Americans have a high school diploma, while 49% have an associate’s degree and 39% have a bachelor’s degree. Educational attainment among 25- to 29-year-olds in the United States has risen at every level by as much as 80% since 2000.

Are less people going to college?

The eighth annual “High School Benchmarks” report from the National Student Clearinghouse found that, as of Nov. 16, college enrollments dropped by 6.8 percent —more than quadrupling the pre-pandemic rate of decline, a pattern magnified based on poverty level.

What percentage of black American adults graduate high school?

88% of Blacks Have a High School Diploma, 26% a Bachelor’s Degree. About 90% of the U.S. population has graduated high school, a dramatic improvement in educational attainment that began when compulsory education was adopted by every state a century ago.

Are there more females in college than males?

It is fairly well known that women today outnumber men in American colleges. In 2003, there were 1.35 females for every male who graduated from a four-year college and 1.3 females for every male undergraduate.

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What percentage of Americans have a masters degree?

About 13.1 Percent Have a Master’s, Professional Degree or Doctorate. The educational level of American adults is on the rise as more college graduates go on to earn master’s, professional and doctoral degrees.

What is the most educated ethnic group in America?

According to Rice University research, Nigerian Americans are the most educated group in the United States.

What is the most educated country in the world?

The 12 Most Educated Countries in the World

  1. South Korea (69.8 percent)
  2. Canada (63 percent)
  3. Russia (62.1 percent)
  4. Japan (61.5 percent)
  5. Ireland (55.4 percent)
  6. Lithuania (55.2 percent)
  7. Luxembourg (55 percent)
  8. Switzerland (52.7 percent)

How many jobs in the US require a college degree?

35 percent of job openings will require at least a bachelor’s degree; 30 percent of the job openings will require some college or an associate’s degree; 36 percent of the job openings will not require education beyond high school.

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