What Is Education First?

What does education first do?

EF provides life-changing education for global citizens. For over 50 years, our mission has been to give confidence and freedom to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. With the desire to define your own path in life, and a little courage, EF opens up a world of possibilities.

Is education first accredited?

EF is accredited, just like your school. This allows us to meet the same rigorous standards of schools like yours and ensure students gain valuable experiences that will transform the way they look at the world.

Is EF Education First Free?

EF (Education First) – FREE On-line Professional Development for teachers around the world.

Is Education First a good company to work for?

The results are in: EF landed the #1 spot on the Boston Globe’s 2019 Top Places to Work list in the largest companies category!

Who is the CEO of education first?

Edward Hult serves as the CEO / President of EF Education First.

Who founded education first?

Bertil Hult, 77, a dyslexic Swede who himself speaks with a heavy accent, founded what is now the world’s largest private English language training company, EF Education First.

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Where is English first based?

EF opens EF Institute in Hastings, England, to teach intensive Business English abroad to Swedish professionals.

Is EF Education First legit?

They also have ties with the government because it is illegal for a foreigner to teach in China without a Bachelor’s degree, but I knew quite a few teachers with EF that did not hold a degree.

How do you become an ambassador for the EF?

You are a student with EF:

  1. Log on to your MyEF account.
  2. Sign up under the “Ambassador” tab.
  3. Set up your profile picture.
  4. Add photos to your Ambassador Page.
  5. Earn your first 50 points upon setting up your profile!
  6. Contact your local sales office if you need help.

Is EF expensive?

While EF Tours certainly have a great reputation, this experience comes at quite a cost. Any tour offered by EF can range at a from around $2,500-3,500. This covers airfare, hotels, any ground transportation, tour guides, and 2 meals a day.

How much is EF worth?

EF Education First is wholly owned by Hult and his family. Forbes estimated Bertil’s net worth to be US$5 billion as of March 2015.

Is magic ears a good company to work for?

High Pay Compared to other platforms, Magic Ears is one of the highest paying online English teaching companies. Most teachers earn between $20-26 per hour. If you’re looking to be compensated appropriately for your teaching skills, Magic Ears just might be the company for you.

What is it like working for VIPKid?

There was very little negative feedback from the VIPKid teachers we spoke with. The overall consensus was they like being in control of their schedule, the extra money is really nice, and for the most part, it is very low stress.

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