Readers ask: Which Political Party Supports Comprehensive Sex Education?

Do Republicans support sex ed?

Sex education is supported by people regardless of political party affiliation. education. 5 The vast majority of parents who identify as Republican or Democrat support instruction on abstinence, birth control, STIs, healthy relationships, sexual orientation, and puberty within sex education.

Do conservatives support sex education?

The findings suggest that controlling for sex education, conservative states have higher teen birthrates. Additionally, conservative states were more likely to stress abstinence in their sex education than include information on contraception.

What is the difference between the liberal and conservative perspective on sex education?

Everyone wants to reduce rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But how? Conservatives demand limiting school sex education to promotion of abstinence until marriage. Liberals insist on lessons about contraceptives and STI prevention, which means promoting condoms.

Does the government fund sex education?

Although there is no federal funding stream dedicated to promoting truly comprehensive sex education, federal funding for teen pregnancy prevention has largely shifted away from a focus on abstinence-only programs to a more comprehensive approach that educates adolescents about contraception in addition to abstinence.

What political party supports abstinence?

The study found that Democrats and Republicans express similar support for including the issues of puberty and sexually transmitted diseases in school sex education programs and Republicans were more likely to also want abstinence included as a topic.

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Where does funding for sex education come from?

Sex education funding is largely up to state and local governments — that includes whether or not sex education programs are funded at all, and how much they are funded.

How much money does the government spent on abstinence only education?

It is estimated that the federal government has spent nearly $2 billion in abstinence – only funding since the mid-1990s.

Who funds abstinence only education?

Since 1981, the federal government has provided funding for abstinence – only -until-marriage programs through five separate funding streams.

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