Quick Answer: What Is Frontline Education?

What is frontline education used for?

Frontline empowers strategic K-12 leaders with school administration software to proactively manage your human capital, business operations and special education. With our solutions, you can stop fighting fires and instead feel empowered with the right tools, data and insights to ignite your strategy.

Is Frontline education legit?

Overall: My overall experience with Frontline Education has been good. It has been easy to request a sub and efficiently communicate information to the sub and administrators about my classroom. Pros: It is so easy to put in an absense and to request a sub if you have a person in mind for the job.

How much is frontline education?

~ $40 per teacher, per year.

What is Frontline absence management?

Frontline Absence Management is used to manage employee absences and substitute assignments. It allows managers to view the vacations and hours and approve accordingly.

What means frontline?

1a: a military line formed by the most advanced tactical combat units also: front sense 2a(2) b: an area of potential or actual conflict or struggle. 2: the most advanced, responsible, or visible position in a field or activity.

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Is Frontline the same as AppliTrack?

So, we retired the AppliTrack name and replaced it with a more functional descriptor — now, AppliTrack Fit is simply Screening Assessments within Frontline Recruiting & Hiring.

Is Frontline a good company to work for?

80% of employees at Frontline Management say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

How does frontline Aesop work?

You use the tools in the system to set your preferences and requirements for each assignment, and a qualified substitute fills the vacancy. Automated calls go to eligible substitutes to help fill absences, an especially valuable tool for last-minute jobs.

How do I cancel my job on frontline?

Simply log into your account and find the job that you wish to cancel. If you are permitted to cancel a red button will show up with the word ‘Cancel’ written on it. Left click to cancel.

What does absence management mean?

Absence management is an employer’s approach — via policies, procedures or programs — to reduce employee absenteeism, avoid workforce disruption and maximize employee productivity.

How do you reconcile on frontline?

The system allows you to “ reconcile ” absences at your school to double-check that the data is correct. This is especially important if you are sharing the absence data with a payroll system. Click on the Reconcile button in the Quick Actions panel to view absences that need to be reconciled.

What is Frontline ID?

Once your district upgrades to the Frontline Insights Platform, you will receive an email invitation to create a Frontline ID account. This new username and password will replace any former login credentials and allow you to access all your Frontline applications with a single username and password.

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What Does reconcile mean in Aesop?

The “Reconcile” feature in Aesop allows you to verify or double-check that the absences recorded at your school are accurate and mark them as reconciled. This is especially important if you are sharing your absence data with a payroll system.

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