Quick Answer: How Standardized Testing Damages Education?

Why standardized testing is bad for students?

If a student performs poorly on a standardized test, they can face increased pressure from their parents and peers to do better and be “smarter.” This can lead to students resenting learning and believing that they are worse than everyone else because of their low score.

How does standardized testing negatively affect teachers?

The self- image of educators is negatively affected by low test scores. Combined with the high pressure for their students to perform well on the tests, teachers end up providing questionable test preparation. This in turn increases the feelings of guilt and stress for teachers.

How does standardized testing affect teaching quality?

In fact, they found that the quality of many teachers’ test preparation lessons was lower than when the same teacher was preparing students for a standardized test. To put it another way, standardized testing actually decreased instructional quality, even in school districts where overall educational quality was high.

What are the disadvantages of standardized testing?

Cons of standardized testing

  • It can create major stress.
  • Teachers may end up “teaching to the test” rather than giving students a deeper understanding of a subject.
  • It evaluates student’s performance without considering external factors.
  • It only considers a single test performance upon evaluation.
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Is the use of standardized tests improving education?

93% of studies have found student testing, including the use of large-scale and high-stakes standardized tests, to have a “positive effect” on student achievement, according to a peer-reviewed, 100-year analysis of testing research completed in 2011 by testing scholar Richard P. Phelps.

Do standardized tests improve education?

Studies have shown that standardized test scores are not a good predictor for teacher effectiveness, yet most states use them as an evaluative tool for teachers. Such a system that punishes and rewards teachers based on test scores won’t contribute to better education for students.

Do standardized tests prepare students for life?

Standardized tests should not be life or death to a student. Standardized tests force students to cram so they can pass. “A nine-year study by the National Research Council (2011) concluded that the emphasis on testing yielded little learning progress but caused significant harm.

Does standardized testing cause anxiety?

For some students, standardized testing is causing a lot of stress and anxiety because they’re constantly studying. Some teachers are saying it’s too much and it’s taking away from their social skills. Mother of two, Josi Cook says her middle and high school students hit the books often.

Why teaching to the test is bad?

In a research paper published in 2017, Bennett wrote, “Teaching to the particular sample of questions included on a test may increase test performance but not increase performance in the larger domain. Teaching to particular test content — the test items themselves — would consequently be poor instructional practice.”

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Why should standardized testing be eliminated?

Standardized tests mainly determine which students are good at taking tests, providing no actual measure of an individual’s progress or student performance. We should eliminate state and college-required standardized testing altogether.

Do standardized tests really reveal student knowledge?

An exam cannot correctly measure a student’s intelligence by only testing certain parts of their education. A standardized test made for a standard student cannot accurately determine the intelligence and performance of an individual.

Do standardized tests cause depression?

Health consequences associated with standardized testing were cited as including stomachaches and vomiting, headaches, sleep problems, depression, attendance problems, and acting out (Alliance for Childhood, 2001).

Is standardized test a good thing?

Standardized testing is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. Standardized test results provide important and reliable information that can be highly useful to educators at all levels.

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