Often asked: Where Was Sex Education Filmed?

Is Moordale a real place?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moordale is a fictional town, and in an interview with Vulture, Butterfield said that they filmed the series in Wales, Cardiff, and Newport. And although their school isn’t real, it somehow looks like every American high school you’ve ever been to.

Where is ex education filmed?

Most of the episodes were filmed around the picturesque South Wales. For the first season of Sex Education, filming took place in the Wye Valley in England and at Welsh hotspots including Llandogo, Tintern, and Penarth.

Where is Maeve’s Caravan Park?

Maeve’s caravan According to the tweet by The Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, Sterrett’s Caravan Park was a filming location for Sex Education. We can assume this is where the caravan Maeve is living in is located. The caravan park is in Symonds Yat, which is right next to the River Wye.

Where is Moordale high?

For Moordale High, the school attended by our heroes Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey), scenes were filmed at Caerleon campus in South Wales. Formerly one of the buildings of the University of Wales, Newport, it was closed in 2016 and has stood vacant ever since.

Is Moordale a high school?

Inhabitants. Moordale Secondary School is the high school where the students go. The headmaster is Mr. Groff.

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What is being filmed in Margam Park?

A team of American parapsychologists travel to Wales to conduct a study of Margam Castle, one of the UK’s most haunted buildings.

Where is bridgerton filmed?

Bridgerton filming locations: Castle Howard After Simon and Daphne’s wedding, the couple moves into the fictional Clyvedon Castle. However, the fa├žade, entrance hall and grounds of the estate were actually filmed at Castle Howard, in the heart of Yorkshire.

Where does Maeve Wiley live?

She graduated in 2016. Mackey lives in London.

Where is Wye Valley in England?

One of the most natural rivers in Britain, it rises in the mountains of mid-Wales and flows south for some 150 miles, becoming part of the border between Wales and England before meeting the Severn.

Where is Otis’s house?

Otis’ house is in Symonds Yat which is firmly in England as are other locations like Maeve’s caravan (Ross-on-Wye) and Amie’s House (Gloucester. There are many places filmed in Wales in Monmouthshire.

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