FAQ: What Does Slo Mean In Education?

Whats does SLO mean?

Within service-level agreements (SLAs), SLOs are the objectives that must be achieved — for each service activity, function and process — to provide the best opportunity for service recipient success (see SLA).

Is an SLO test a grade?

Objectives are focused on performances that all students are expected to demonstrate at the end of instruction, for example “the objective is to get good grades.” Outcomes are single student-centered and describe what it is that the student should learn. SLOs are not grades, but observable skills.

What is the purpose of the SLO process?

Student Learning Objectives, or SLOs, are student growth goals set by teachers to help them plan instruction and drive student learning throughout the year. Setting learning goals and measuring student progress allows educators to better understand their students’ strengths and how best to support student growth.

What is SLO in special education?

Student Learning Objective ( SLO ) Example Grade 5 Special Education.

What is a SLO test?

Student learning outcome (SLO) assessment refers to the use of information about student learning to better understand and help improve language teaching, materials, or curricula.

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What is SLO vs SLA?

An SLO (service level objective) is an agreement within an SLA about a specific metric like uptime or response time. So, if the SLA is the formal agreement between you and your customer, SLOs are the individual promises you’re making to that customer.

What happens if you don’t meet your SLO?

One year of missing the mark might result in you and your administrator establishing your goal for the next year around ensuring success with the SLO. Multiple years of missing the mark on SLOs could result in a plan of assistance for a teacher. Q5: What do I do with students who don’t meet the goal?

How many SLOs are there?

Districts may choose to have teachers complete more than one SLO, however no more than two SLOs should be required each year.

What are the sources of expected SLO?

Sources of expected student learning outcome

  • The institution mission statement is a relevant source of student learning expectation.
  • Policies on competencies and standards issued by government education agencies such as DEPED, TESDA, CHED are prescribed sources of student learning outcomes.

How do you write an SLO?


  1. Connect with Colleagues.
  2. Understand the SLO Process and High-Quality SLOs.
  3. Gather Necessary Resources.
  4. Review Prior Year’s SLOs.

What is a SLO skill focus statement?

Write an SLO Skill Statement A Skill Statement describes specific measurable skills within the selected focus area that persists throughout the course and that will lead to student growth within the focus area as well as teacher growth in teaching this skill.

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How SLOs can helpful in monitoring the students progress?

Implementation to monitor student and teacher progress, strengthen teaching practices and increase student learning. Results Analysis to examine and translate student outcomes into the teacher evaluation system, refine practices and make informed decisions based on results.

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