FAQ: How To Pass The Professional Education Test?

How many questions are on the professional education test?

Format: The test is approximately 110 multiple-choice questions. It is computer-based (CBT) and must be completed in 2.5 hours.

How hard is FTCE?

The K-6, like most FTCE exams, is challenging and has about a 63% average passing rate across all the subtests. The first time you take the K-6 (060), you need to take all four subtests. This might feel like a lot, as it takes almost five hours to complete the full test. But don’t worry; there’s some good news.

What is professional education exam?

The FTCE Professional Education Test is a test of pedagogy and professional practices required in order to obtain a professional teacher certificate. The FTCE Professional Education Test is a test of knowledge based on eight (8) competencies: Instructional Design & Planning. Learning Environment.

Is it hard to pass the Gkt?

The FTCE General Knowledge test measures the same core academic skills you’ve been using in college, so the exam shouldn’t be particularly difficult, especially if you’ve been doing well in your studies.

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How many questions can I miss on the FTCE professional exam?

The Professional Education test (083) has approximately 120 multiple-choice questions. You need to get 71% of answers correct to earn a scaled score of 200. Assuming there are exactly 120 questions, you’ll need at least 85 correct answers to pass the assessment.

Can I take the FTCE online?

The FTCE and FELE are offered on computer at flexible times and locations throughout the year. Minimal computer skills are required to complete the computer-based tests.

Is 240 tutoring worth it?

Amber Egan recommends 240 Tutoring. I totally recommend this for anyone! The videos are informative and easy to watch. The lessons and study materials are very helpful. The quizzes are set up very similar to the exams.

How many times can you take the FTCE exam?

Fortunately for students who need to take an FTCE test again, there is no limit on the number of times you can take any one test.

How do I pass the FTCE?

The best way to succeed on your FTCE exam is by making a study plan and sticking to it. 240 Tutoring provides easy-to-use and engaging study content for FTCE exams, giving you access to diagnostic tests, test-specific information, and practice problems all in one place.

Are FTCE exams still free?

On April 1, 2020, the Florida Department of Education provided candidates with the opportunity to use a voucher to register and schedule to take the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) free of charge.

What is the SAE exam?

Self Assessment Examinations (SAE) are online tools created by the AHA Certification Center (the same people who create the Certification Examinations) to simulate the Certification Examination in format and content.

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What is Action Research Education?

Action Research is a method of systematic enquiry that teachers undertake as researchers of their own practice. You will draw on the findings of other researchers to help develop actions and interpret the consequences. As an action researcher, or teacher-researcher, you will generate research.

What do I need to bring to my general knowledge exam?

You must bring two valid, unexpired forms of identification that are printed in English. If you do not have proper identification, you will not be admitted to the test and you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. On the day of the test, you may wish to bring a sweater or sweatshirt for your comfort.

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