FAQ: How Does Teenage Pregnancy Affect Education?

What are the effects of teenage pregnancy on education?

Cunningham and Boult (1996) asserted that teenage pregnancy has a lot of social consequences which include school drop-out or interrupted schooling, falling prey to criminal activity, abortion, ostracism, child neglect, school adjustment difficulties for their children, adoption, lack of social security, poverty,

How does lack of education affect teenage pregnancy?

It points out that teen mothers are less likely to finish secondary education and that teen pregnancy reduces average schooling achievement, school assistance and working hours. Furthermore, the report shows a greater risk of maternal mortality, fetus death, child mortality, and suicide when the mother is a teenager.

What are 3 consequences of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancies are associated with increased rates of alcohol abuse and substance abuse, lower educational level and reduced earning potential in teen fathers.

What are the main effects of teenage pregnancy?

Pregnancies and deliveries of adolescents (10–19 years old) are accompanied by more risks as compared to older women [4, 5]. Stillbirths and losing a baby within 6 weeks after the birth of children from adolescent mothers are up to 50% higher as compared to the children of mothers between the age of 20 and 29.

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What are the ways to prevent teenage pregnancy?

However, teens most often use condoms and birth control pills, which are less effective at preventing pregnancy when not used consistently and correctly. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants, known as Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC), are the most effective types of birth control for teens.

How can teenage pregnancy affect the economy?

PopCom estimated that P33 billion is lost due to teenage pregnancies every year. Philippine poverty incidence is at 21.6% as of 2017 and 21% as of the 1st semester of 2018.

How does teenage pregnancy affect the family?

Adolescent pregnancy can also have negative social and economic effects on girls, their families and communities. Unmarried pregnant adolescents may face stigma or rejection by parents and peers as well as threats of violence.

What are four consequences of teenage pregnancy?

Pregnant teens are at higher risk of living in poverty, unable to maintain a stable job, ending up in abusive home, having children who have low grades in school and having daughters with a higher risk of becoming pregnant during teenage years.

What are the negative effects of teenage pregnancy?

According to the National Institutes of Health, there’s a higher risk of the following in teenage pregnancy:

  • preeclampsia.
  • anemia.
  • contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • premature delivery.
  • delivering at low birth weight.

What are the psychological effects of teenage pregnancy?

Our current research indicates that adolescent mothers experience higher rates of depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period, as compared to older mothers and their nonpregnant peers, rates of depression estimated to be between 16% and 44% in adolescent mothers.

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