FAQ: Besides The Cost Of An Education, What Additional Expenses Must Students Pay Check All That Apply.?

What additional expenses must students pay?

Besides the cost of an education, what additional expenses must students pay? housing meals supplies textbooks tuition ‚Äč

How is a federal loan different from a private loan for an education quizlet?

How is a federal loan different from a private loan for an education? A federal loan is only available for students who show a need. A private loan is available for any student who meets the bank’s lending standards. A grant is federal money awarded to a student.

Which best explains a grant?

A grant is federal money awarded to a student. A grant is aid given to a student by an institution. A grant is money borrowed by a student to pay for an education.

Which education institutions typically cost the most to attend?

vocational schools community colleges public universities private colleges. An educational institutions typically cost the most to attend is private colleges. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

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What is the largest cost of attending school?

Which Colleges Are the Most Expensive? The colleges with the highest published prices are Columbia University in New York and Kenyon College in Ohio. These institutions charge $64,380 and $61,100, respectively, for their 2020-2021 sticker price, but many students pay less than this amount to attend.

Which methods of paying for college do not require repayment check all that apply?

Answer Expert Verified. Explanation: Scholarships are basically grants, given to students who cannot pay for their education expenses. Grants are the funds that are given to an entity by the Government or financial institution or any institution which the receiving party is not required to repay.

How is a federal loan different from a private?

When comparing federal loans vs private loans, the key difference is that federal loans are provided by the government and private loans are provided by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Each has its own student loan eligibility criteria, application process, and terms and conditions.

Where do banks get money to lend to borrowers?

Banks generally make money by borrowing money from depositors and compensating them with a certain interest rate. The banks will lend the money out to borrowers, charging the borrowers a higher interest rate, and profiting off the interest rate spread.

Which type of loan is based on financial need?

Subsidized Loans are loans for undergraduate students with financial need, as determined by your cost of attendance minus expected family contribution and other financial aid (such as grants or scholarships). Subsidized Loans do not accrue interest while you are in school at least half-time or during deferment periods.

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Which statement best explains a grant group of answer choices?

Answer Expert Verified The correct answer is B. Grants are sums of money given to students that they do not need to pay back.

What statement is an example of post secondary education?

Postsecondary options are varied and may include public or private universities, colleges, community colleges, career/technical schools, vocational/trade schools, centers for continuing education, campus transition programs, and apprenticeship programs.

Is work study based on financial need?

Federal Work – Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled in school. It’s available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with financial need.

What is the approximate minimum amount Jarrod should save monthly?

If Jarrod wants to save enough money to pay for it, he needs to save approximately $461 per month (= $5,528.05 / 12).

Which statement best defines tuition?

It helps determine whether a student needs financial aid. Which statement best defines tuition? Tuition is federal money awarded to a student. Tuition is aid given to a student by an institution.

Which best explains a scholarship?

Answer: A scholarship is aid given to a student by an institution. Explanation: A scholarship is the financial help provided by the institution to a student to help in the academics.

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